Bongs are a favorite among individual serious about their cannabis. A good number of people do not have it, including those that do occasionally get involved in “bong accident” or simply misplaced theirs. There is no need to worry if you’re a weed lovers. We’re here to bring an alternative and save the day. Keep reading as we show you how to make a bong.

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How to Make A Bong With A Water Bottle


#Step 1

From the container base, cut a hole of about three or four inches. The hole should be sizeable for a pen to fit into it.

#Step 2

Next, from the perforated hole, gentle slide the pen and secure with adhesive to prevent airflow.

#Step 3

Use adhesive to attach and seal the pen’s end to the bowl. Also there should be a perforated hole for easy passage of smoke.

#Step 4

Finally, add sufficient water until the base is properly covered.

How does bong work?

Bongs usually are in different forms and sizes. Some are very basic with just a bowl and chamber, but they perform the same task. Bongs generally feature a small bowl that holds dried weed. When you light the weed it combusts, enabling the smoke to easily rise from the deposited water and the chamber before finally making its way to your mouth and finally the lungs.

How to smoke from a bong

  • Fill your bong with about an inch of freshwater. Ensure the stem is partially submerged. If you like, add ice for the smoke to be extra cool.
  • Grind up your flower, and fill the bowl. The finer, the better.
  • Place your mouth on the mouthpiece but ensure your lips appropriately covers the chamber by this air cannot escape.
  • For those that their bong has a carb, it’s important to make sure your finger are well placed over the carb.
  • Light the bowl and inhale at once. Once the bud is red from the fire, you can remove the heat and gently inhale it.
  • Go ahead to gently inhale to ensure the smoke has all been cleared out of the chamber. Please do this at your own pace. This can be done by taking a break at an interval.
  • When you finally inhales the smoke, allow it last like few seconds inside your lungs before you finally exhale it. Enjoy

Why use a bong?

Water bongs actual help filter the smoke of toxins and other unnecessary plant material. Also, it cools the smoke. This ensures the lungs are not irritated. By using water bong the smoke cools as it passed through the water still giving you that savory taste of bud thereby making it much more pleasurable, and since THC is not soluble in water, you won’t lose that sought after goodness

#1 Benefits & Risks

Smoking using a bong overtime has been proven as one of the safest means of enjoying your dry herbs better than vaporizer. The major reason bong is preferred is because of its water filtration. This can be experienced when you decide to go the way of normal glass pipes or even cigars. There is likelihood of inhaling tar as well as burnt ash in the process.

#2 Risks

Smoke is injurious to our lungs as described by renowned health institutional. This is because carcinogens substances are freed as the materials combust. Smoking marijuana through bong has the ability to damage some sensitive lung tissues. This in turn, causes scarring which damage the small blood vessels. This is experienced primarily when plastic bong is used as a result of Phthalates and also BPA it contains.

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Tacos are hamburgers with the shell made from corn flour and the filling part is one kind of meat like beef, pork, chicken and even cooked fish. When enjoying, this kind of humburger is indispensable a little salsa sauce and served with onion, coriander.

Tacos have two types:

Soft shell and hard shell. Based on the processing method and the use of extremely diverse types of personnel, there are now many types of tacos. However, the most popular and most favourite Mexican tacos are Taco al Pastor with the main ingredients are spiced pork, skewered and grilled on fire.

Traditionally Mexican, soft shell taco will represent the ingredients of corn flour cooked by steaming or baking method. But the most common type of taco is still corn husk, minced meat, onion, pear, lettuce and Mexico’s spicy tomato sauce.

Here are the most common types of tacos:

  • Taco baked with a shell baked on a charcoal grill until it has a certain crispness, served with soy sauce chorizo ​​asado. People called taco grilled with Oaxaca cheese and meat is mulita, in the same way as in northern Mexico.
  • Taco de cazo is the type served on a metal bowl, and the bottom layer of cooking oil is matched to provide a way to prepare a deep fried and crispy shell. This type uses the main part of beef.
  • Taco bullhead is a unique taco version with a core made of brain, cheek, tongue, lips and cow eyes. The shell of the taco’s head is steamed to keep it soft, eat it with onions and coriander.
  • Taco sudados is a mixture of soft bread and spicy meat. The outer shell covers the entire core to keep them hot and radiating steam to soften the shell. This can be made from shrimp, fish and lamb.

In terms of origin, the first tacos appeared in Mexico with a filling made from small fish prepared by indigenous people in the Mexican valley. Over time, tacos processing formula gradually became popular and also more diverse in terms of filling. Until the early years of the 20th century, tacos began to be popular in the US, Canada and appeared in many cookbooks in 1949.

Currently taco is considered the world famous street cake. They appear everywhere. Tacos become the # 1 choice of diners because of the attractive taste of the ingredients. In addition, this cake is also used as a snack after dinner for Mexicans.

Tacos and taco shells are also sold in fast food systems such as Mighty Taco, Taco Del Mar, Taco Bell, etc. fastfood restaurants like Burger King or Jack in the Box of Mexico also serve this cake. From a long-standing traditional dish of Mexico, taco has become a popular dish all over the world.

That’s why many people make taco at home instead of eating at the restaurant. Hard taco shells are available at supermarkets and store, you can easily find them with the reasonable price. But you should know their expiry dates so that you don’t make any mistakes when preparing taco for your family.

So how long do hard taco shells last? Usually, hard taco shells can last from 2 to 8 weeks in the fridge and last for 2-6 months in the freezer depending on how you store them. Hard taco shells have a longer lifespan than soft taco shells, however you should not leave them too long in the refrigerator because they will lose their natural crispness. So use them as soon as possible.

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Oregano is one of the most common herbs used in numerous recipes from meats to veggies such as noodle soup, baked chicken or pizza sauce, etc… Food with oregano taste can bring your meal to another level. Fresh oregano is the normal way to use in cooking but dried one is also the most popular and easiest method if you want to keep it for a long-term storage. So in this article, I will tell you some useful methods and notes of “How to dry oregano that will help it remain safe to eat in a very long time.

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How to Dry Oregano?

Dry oregano is quite simple for people who even are not good at cooking. There are two main methods: air drying and oven drying.

#1 Air drying

After you harvest your oregano, you should choose the environment with full of sunlight, high temperature and dry atmosphere to dehydrate oregano for the best result. Unfortunately if the weather seems to be humid, it is not an ideal condition because it can boost the growth of mold.

For air drying, you tie your harvested oregano into small bunches and then hang them upside down and loosely wrap them in muslin or paper. This method does not waste a lot of your space and bring the fullest flavors but you must know that the yield will not be as large as the initial hanging stalks. It might take about 1 week to totally dry. Next step, stripping the leaves and flowers from the stems by hands and crumpling them up to make crispy and powdery dried oregano. Finally, put them in an airtight jars or airtight containers to preserve.

#2 Oven Drying

Oven is considered a life-saver for home cook for the reason that it can be used in many circumstances, even drying herbs like oregano. This method only takes up less time than air drying but it can make your herb lose some flavors.

Dehydrating by oven, you have to turn on the oven first with temperature under 100 degrees F in a few minutes. In the meantime, you prepare to spread the leaves evenly on a non-greased sheet or a stencil and then place it in the oven. Remember to check your oregano every 5 minutes until you feel it is completely dried, turn off the oven and take the racks out to let it naturally cool. Now you can crumble oregano and pour it into an airtight jar for later use.

Note: As I’ve said above, for hanging dry, you should place them in the environment with full of sunshine. However, it is also need something to cover in order not to access directly to a strong source of heat, once the temperature reaches too hot, it can affect the flavor of oregano.


Through this helpful piece of content about drying oregano, I hope you can choose the most suitable technique to make dry oregano for many delicious dishes for your family without putting so much effort and time.

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The vast majority of you have officially found out about the CBD Oil which is gotten from the marijuana plant. The CBD is the acronym of cannabinoids that is found in marijuana. There are several advantages of CBD oil that you may not know about. In light of its untold advantages, its request is blasting in the market and thus you can purchase CBD Oil in Canada through online sites or nearby stores in Indiana.

But what are the actual advantages of this oil? Read on to find out.

Treatment for pain:

You do know that cannabis have been around a very long time and since then, it is being utilized to the advantage of humans. As indicated by an ongoing logical research, there is a special component in marijuana that can be utilized to alleviate extreme pain. CBD oil has a high measure of such component, making it ideal for relief from discomfort.

Overpower Depression:

Most folks these days are faced with depression and this happens to be an issue that requires serious attention. To manage this overwhelming mental situation, CBD oil can be incorporated into a person’s way of life as it recuperates like a medicine given to the patients. People who use CBD oil are more able to control their uneasiness compared to people who don’t.

End Cancer Symptoms:

A lot of people believe that when diagnosed with cancer, it’s difficult to cure it and the patient can never have a nice life. However, with the discovery of CBD oil, it has been proven that the symptoms relating to cancer can be effortlessly cured and prevented from further development. CDB oil usage is also an ideal way to prevent or reduce the symptoms of cancer.

Reduce Acne:

For individuals who are irritated with the issue of acne, CDB oil can help you. CBD comprises of mitigating characteristics that can help build the charm of your skin and battle the issue of acne. CDB oil also prevents the excess production of sebum from the glands responsible in the body.

Manages Neurological Disorders:

Specialists have discovered that CBD can help manage distinctive kinds of neurological issue. Although the research for its advantages for the neurological framework is ongoing, the researchers are getting positive outcomes. CBD has additionally been proven to help battle severe epilepsy and muscle spasticity.

Fortify Heart Health:

In a significant number of the studies, the CBD has also been found helpful in preventing heart damage, controlling blood pressure and a few other medical problems. CDB oil can aid the proper function of the body’s circulatory system and helps a person live healthy all through their life.

Extra Note:

In a great number of the trials, the patients have even confronted negative impacts of using CBD oil such as convulsions, fever and diarrhea.

All the facts listed above are the untold advantages of CBD oil that can be used to keep the body sound as well as to battle various sorts of diseases. What more do you think can be cured with the utilization of CBD oil? Do you think CDB oil can help you in your current situation? Tell us more in the comments section.

Custom Jeep

A lot of folks love having their trips with a Jeep ride and outgoing people are dazzled by Jeeps and the most alluring component is the customization choices. How about we examine some in vogue and helpful customization choices for your Jeep with best tires jeep wrangler

Lights On

Lighting Bars give your jeep the rough terrain look that fits it. Light bars portray an aggressive look to the ride and have regularly turned out to be useful while driving off road especially during late nights.

Widebody Protection

Driving through rough terrain doesn’t really imply that your jeep must be left with marks, scratches and a destroyed paintwork, you can stay away from this by including fender flares and rock sliders to your jeep for insurance. Notwithstanding when not on rough terrains, the ride still looks awesome with these embellishments and emanates a tough vibe.


The flexibility of customization is perpetual with decals. Decaling your Jeep needs some genuine conceptualizing to accomplish a one of a kind and sporty appearance, lesser the better. Fender stickers, windshield decals and hood decals are the most common kinds of decals.

The Signature Reserve Gas Can

A (20 liters metallic gas tank mounted on the back of a jeep is the trademark appearance you ought to try as well. A reinforcement fuel can, guarantees your safety in the event that you ever wind up stranded on an off-road terrain.

Highway Riding Pegs

Each Jeep rider must understand the feeling of driving down highways cooling off on your jeep seat with your foot out on the peg feeling the breeze, doors off and your tops down. Indeed, pegs are not only to rest your foot they likewise secure your jeeps body.

The Shady Shades

Jeep Wranglers are known for the customization alternatives they give and the most prominent component might be the removable tops. They can be taken off to appreciate the weather, the mesh tops for the cargo area and for passengers or the beautiful bikini tops for swimmers.

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are exceptionally critical for jeep customizations as wheels of the ride can represent the moment of truth and it is difficult to locate the appropriate wheels for your Jeep.

Light Guards

Lights of the jeep are exceptionally delicate when contrasted with whatever remains of the tough square-shaped body and are inclined to easily damage on little contact, particularly while driving around a rough terrain. Light guards are exceptionally popular and a not too bad approach to secure your lights. Light guards add a meaner aura to the jeep.

Shiftin’ in Style

The gear knob handles an indispensable part in the customization of the inside. We trust the outline of a custom gear knob emphasizes on the identity of the owner. There are a lot of alternatives for this but the most spectacular choices are chrome gear knob, comfy and classy leather combine with conceptual workmanship crazy funky knobs.

Fuel Accessories

You can come up with a special customization to your jeep for a one of a kind look with uniquely customized accessories, caps and fuel doors.

Floorings and Mats

The cabin of the jeep easily gets muddled while driving through rough terrains and owners regularly search for jeep carpet options to protect the OEM carpet.


In case you’re among the wanderers with a rage to alter your jeep’s look suit your taste, then you should consider installing mounting covers and plates, d-rings, tow hooks and winches with custom jeep winch.