Month: August 2020

what would make the photography work less stressful and tiring and more enjoyable and rewarding than a camera strap around your neck or over your shoulder? If you are looking for something that make your hands free when you are not shooting, then camera holster and best backpack camera clip can be the good alternatives for camera strap.

They are not only help eliminate the burden of carrying a camera all day with hands and neck, they also make the camera always available if you want to take a photo of immediately. The capture clip and the camera holster are both strapless camera carrying systems. This post will help you know which system is best suitable for you.

#1 Build quality

Both camera holster and camera backpack are reviewed as built well and good quality but we appreciate the camera holster higher than the clip in this aspect due to its design. The holster is often made from protective and padded fabrics and keep your camera and lens in excellent condition. It is shockproof and prevent the camera from scratches even when on the move.

Although the camera clip is no slouch by any means, it will keep designed to be rigid, stable, stay in its position whilst you are on the move, But the clip does not cover the camera, cannot protect your camera from strike against other stuff. It also didn’t feel as solid. From the locking pin to the chassis, you should choose the camera clip that made from all metal. Aluminum and steel are can be acceptable but avoid steer clear.

#2 Easy and flexible to use

It is obvious that camera backpack clip is more flexible and simple to use and it offers single-handed operation. You can easily unlock the gear from its clip. It is perfect to use in the hurry case when you need to capture a picture of what only occur in a moment. You do not worry about miss the perfect shot. It also lightweight and easy to carry around. You can also can change a lens is easier on the clip since the body is locked into a fixed position.

The camera holster also good item if you are carry bigger gear with external flash. Holsters offer side compartments that are always handy for storage. You may need a room for camera accessories such as memory card, a charger and spare batteries, this is where the camera holster come in handle.

There is the trouble for every horse owner when summer is coming is the horse files irritate and distract your horses and your family. The bits of these flies are very painful.

And while the commercial fly repellents are sold on the market may contain chemicals that smell harsh and even cause irritation to your skin, you have to look for a best horse fly repellent for humans that is healthier more natural solution. The horseflies hate the fragrance of certain natural oils, so you can create a repellent for you and your pet base on some essential oils.

#1 The recipe with apple cider vinegar

You will need:

Apple cider vinegar


10 drops tea tree oil

15 drops lavender essential oil

20 drops vegetable glycerin

To get start, you will need an empty spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle 2/3 with Apple cider vinegar. And then fill the rest with water and other ingredients. The disadvantage if that this recipe may smell harsh due to vinegar but it do a great job.

#2 Rub on homemade horse fly repellent for humans

Instead of spray, you also can build the rub on recipe. The rub on method even can brings more effective and last for longer than spray horse fly repellent.

You will need:

A small bottle

Carrier oil (you should choose the oil that is light on your skin and not too greasy such as carrier oil sweet almond oil or avocado oil)

10-20 drops of preferred essential oils

Adding 2 teaspoon of carrier oil into a bottle. Add in 10-20 drops of your preferred essential oil. Shake the bottle well before you rub on your skin. This recipe also can helps nourish your skin.

#3 Horse fly spray recipe with Eucalyptus oil

Ingredients: 2 cups white vinegar, 1 Tablespoon Eucalyptus oil, 1 cup water.

Add these ingredients in the spray bottle. Ensure to sake this mixture well before every use.

This mixture can keep the horse fly far away from you for about maximum 45’-1 hours. This recipe includes only 3 ingredients that are all natural and also easy to find.

#4 Prevention tips against horse flies

You can use the mixture of dish soap and vinegar spray to kill horse flies. Dish soap is very effective against horse flies. You can rest your mind that this mixture is totally safe for both you and your horses.

You will need an empty spray bottle, the add in to it 4 tablespoons of dish soap, 2 cups of white vinegar and 1 cup of warm water. Shaking well and spray it on horse flies or the area that have much of flies.