What makes the best non-stick omelette pan?

Many people prefer to eat an omelette for breakfast because it is healthful and provide some essential nutrients for a long day.

But if you are have ever felt difficult to flip an omelette or take a lot of time in preparing breakfast for your family. It is time you should look for the best omelette pan 2020.

Like the others cookware in your kitchen, finding the best non stick omelette pan is not always easy.

There are features of non-stick omelette pan that you should consider such as material, shape, non-stick surface, etc. Base on some best omelet pans reviews, we synthesize here some tips for you to choose your ideal omelette pan.

#1 Material

Aluminium is the most common material because it is lightweight, cheap and ability to distribute heat fast and evenly. However, Aluminum is less durable and not good at resistant to scratches.

Stainless steel is featured in durable and high resistant. The pan features a stainless steel base is the best omelette pan for induction stovetops. But in comparison with other material, stainless steel is less distribution heat.

Carbon Steel is the most decent option, they are highly durable, lightweight, easy to use and also uniform heat distribution. But they not really friendly with a dishwasher and you should careful when cleaning them.

#2 Size and Shape

There are many different size and shape of omelette pans in the marketplace. The most popular shapes are round, hinged, rectangular, and square.

Each shape allows their own purpose of using and benefits. Size of the pan will depend on the number of people you need to serve. But the best omelette pan size is 10-inch pan.

#3 Durability and maintenance

Ensure that you will choose a pan with a non-stick surface that friendly with the dishwasher to save your time of cleaning. You should also go for something that is durable to use this pan for a long time.

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