Tips To Sand Wood Faster With The Best Sander For Wood?

Your manual work will never be complete without perfect wood sanding. And the best sander for wood is a tool to help you get the job done.

However, sanding wood is also a stage that takes a lot of your time for your project. And many people really want to shorten that time to be able to carry out the next projects.

So this post will help you to know the tips you can sanding wood faster. And of course when working with a woodworking sander.


#1 Use additional sander

By using an extra sander, you can shorten the time spent on sanding.

Usually you only use one sander for your work. But now you should duplicate it. Use two sanders for both hands.

While one sander works in the left position, the other will finish the job in the right area.

However, this is just a tip for professional craftsmen.

#2 Remove dust often

You may not notice it, but the wood dust during sanding will also interfere with the speed of the device. Therefore, please regularly remove these wood dust during work.

Many sanders now come with dust collector bags, so you don’t need to worry about it.

#3 Slow but sure

Many people have a habit of using more force to be able to quickly finish sanding on rough surfaces. However, it will cause swirls and may cause irregularities in the plane.

And if so, you still have to sand the sand again to ensure that plane has the perfect appearance.

Therefore, you should not emphasize the sander on the surface, just touch and move it gently.


#4 Choose larger sander

In order to increase the speed of work, you should choose larger sanders. A sander with a large sanding surface will work faster and be more productive than a smaller one.

However, they cost more and are harder to use than smaller devices. Therefore, you should choose them after you have the skills to use sander proficiency.

#5 Stack of materials on each other

Another tip for speeding up your work is to pile materials on the same plane.

As such these materials will be sanded at the same time and it will help you quickly complete your work. However, you should keep these planes tightly so they do not come apart when sanding.

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