How Long Do Hard Taco Shells Last?

Tacos are hamburgers with the shell made from corn flour and the filling part is one kind of meat like beef, pork, chicken and even cooked fish. When enjoying, this kind of humburger is indispensable a little salsa sauce and served with onion, coriander.

Tacos have two types:

Soft shell and hard shell. Based on the processing method and the use of extremely diverse types of personnel, there are now many types of tacos. However, the most popular and most favourite Mexican tacos are Taco al Pastor with the main ingredients are spiced pork, skewered and grilled on fire.

Traditionally Mexican, soft shell taco will represent the ingredients of corn flour cooked by steaming or baking method. But the most common type of taco is still corn husk, minced meat, onion, pear, lettuce and Mexico’s spicy tomato sauce.

Here are the most common types of tacos:

  • Taco baked with a shell baked on a charcoal grill until it has a certain crispness, served with soy sauce chorizo ​​asado. People called taco grilled with Oaxaca cheese and meat is mulita, in the same way as in northern Mexico.
  • Taco de cazo is the type served on a metal bowl, and the bottom layer of cooking oil is matched to provide a way to prepare a deep fried and crispy shell. This type uses the main part of beef.
  • Taco bullhead is a unique taco version with a core made of brain, cheek, tongue, lips and cow eyes. The shell of the taco’s head is steamed to keep it soft, eat it with onions and coriander.
  • Taco sudados is a mixture of soft bread and spicy meat. The outer shell covers the entire core to keep them hot and radiating steam to soften the shell. This can be made from shrimp, fish and lamb.

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In terms of origin, the first tacos appeared in Mexico with a filling made from small fish prepared by indigenous people in the Mexican valley. Over time, tacos processing formula gradually became popular and also more diverse in terms of filling. Until the early years of the 20th century, tacos began to be popular in the US, Canada and appeared in many cookbooks in 1949.

Currently taco is considered the world famous street cake. They appear everywhere. Tacos become the # 1 choice of diners because of the attractive taste of the ingredients. In addition, this cake is also used as a snack after dinner for Mexicans.

Tacos and taco shells are also sold in fast food systems such as Mighty Taco, Taco Del Mar, Taco Bell, etc. fastfood restaurants like Burger King or Jack in the Box of Mexico also serve this cake. From a long-standing traditional dish of Mexico, taco has become a popular dish all over the world.

That’s why many people make taco at home instead of eating at the restaurant. Hard taco shells are available at supermarkets and store, you can easily find them with the reasonable price. But you should know their expiry dates so that you don’t make any mistakes when preparing taco for your family.

So how long do hard taco shells last? Usually, hard taco shells can last from 2 to 8 weeks in the fridge and last for 2-6 months in the freezer depending on how you store them. Hard taco shells have a longer lifespan than soft taco shells, however you should not leave them too long in the refrigerator because they will lose their natural crispness. So use them as soon as possible.

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