Top 10 Essential Kitchen Utensils You Should Have

A chef or cook without the essential kitchenware is like a car without fuel. Being in the kitchen without the right equipment might end up leaving most of the small tasks badly done, half-done or completely undone because of lacking the most important tools. These tools don’t necessarily have to be refrigerators or juice mixers or microwaves. Below are the ten must-have tools that every kitchen should be equipped with.

Top 10 Essential Kitchen Utensils

1. High-Quality Sharp Knives

They should not be necessarily many, you can go with one. Either way, they should be not only sharp but also high quality. When using a sharp knife, it will be hard for you to cut yourself because you will use less force as compared to when using a blunt knife. High quality does not mean expensive. You might get an expensive knife that has low quality and a less expensive one with high quality so make sure you choose quality over price.

2. Spoons and Spatulas

Spoons especially wooden ones are the best for sauces and salads. Fortunately, most of them come in a set of different types and sizes. They are better than plastic ones because they don’t melt and also don’t scratch your pans and pots especially the non-stick ones. For spatulas, silicone ones are highly recommended because they are heat resistant. Medium-sized ones will be the best choice since they give you a good angle to toss and turn your pancakes or other foods.

3. Cutting BoardsCutting Boards

Cutting boards come as plastic or wooden and in different shapes, sizes and quality. They keep your knives sharp and prevent the counter from getting damaged. Some plastic cutting boards come with rubber feet to prevent them from sliding from the counter as you use them. Choose one that is big enough to accommodate the amount of food you cut and allows for little extra space to avoid spilling.

4. Mixing Bowls

Instead of one, buy a set of mixing bowls so that they can serve different culinary uses as a go, for example, separating, whisking, mixing and storage. Choose non-reactive ones or even better stainless steel to avoid having food with funny tastes. You can also choose colorful ones to brighten up your kitchen. Buying in sets will also create space during storage.

5. Measuring Cups and Spoons

Most of the baking recipes require measuring cups or spoons because a lot of accuracies is key to excellent results. A set of measuring spoons that is stackable and has a nifty ring is the best when it comes to storage because it saves space. Also, steel ones will be more washable and durable than plastic ones. Buying two sets will be an added advantage because you will be able to measure same amounts at the same time. For a measuring cup, a bigger size than what you need will be best because it can also serve as a ladle or even better having more than one of different sizes.

6. Cooking Pans and Pots

We can agree that there is no kitchen without these tools. Without them, you will not be able to get that soup ready or cook those pancakes in the morning. Non-stick pans or pots are the best in quality when compared to the other ones and are also easy to clean. Stainless steel ones are also a good choice if you find the non-stick ones a bit unaffordable. Again, go for a set instead of individual counterparts so as to save space when storing them.

7. Sieve or Colander

This is one of the most using tools in the kitchen from draining pasta to sieving tea. For light-duty straining like washing vegetables, canned beans and draining pasta, you can use a plastic colander. A small or medium-sized fine-mesh sieve will be suitable for sieving dry ingredients and even other liquids like tea. Go for quality sieves and colanders to avoid them from getting burnt or melting from the high heat, wearing out easily or rusting. Also, buying sets will create more storage space.

 8. Kitchen TongsKitchen Tongs

It is hard to have a kitchen without a kitchen tongs don’t you think? It has multiple functions like tossing meat from a pan or grill and transferring them to a tray or plate without getting burned and tossing salads or vegetables and even pasta before serving them. It can also come in handy when you want to squeeze a lemon and ensure all the juice is squeezed out and even serve buffet foods that are of course dry.

 9. A Grater

Some graters come attached with a vegetable peeler so look for it instead of buying the items separately and save some money. A grater has multiple purposes from shredding cheese to other vegetables like carrots, potatoes, garlic, and ginger. In order to avoid a grater that will rust after a short period of time, buy a stainless steel one that is of high quality for longer durability.

10. Dish and Hand Towels and PotholdersHand Towels

Potholders will prevent your hands from getting burnt when cooking or getting stuff out of a hot oven, and towels will be used for drying dishes, counters, and hands when cooking or cleaning. For hand and dish towels, buy those which are cotton crafted and absorbent. Some towel sets come in different sizes and colors that will make your kitchen look beautiful, don’t forget look for the ones with good quality. It is okay to substitute towels for potholders but it is better to buy the potholders.


There are lots of other kitchen tools but the above are must-haves and without them, a kitchen cannot operate properly. For those who love spending time in the kitchen cooking, you can attest to the fact that a kitchen is not complete with these tools. Always choose quality over anything so that you don’t end up changing your kitchenware every other month. For a starter kitchen, don’t leave out any of these items out.

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